“Oh ya, everybody loves to pick on the gurus, right?”

Maybe. But then again perhaps there’s a reason why.

I’m not talking about the heavy hitters who are quietly going about their business of making a super comfy living online.

Rather, I’m talking about those “Gurus” who launch a brand new product every 6 weeks because they have one interest and one interest only – MAKING SALES.

These folks – a small minority of online marketers – are doing what they’re doing purely to SELL, SELL, SELL! The only difference that matters to them is the size of their bank account. Despite what they may say, it appears to anyone paying attention that they believe customers are for fleecing and nothing more.


Yes, we are in the selling business. But first and foremost we should be in the helping business.

Think about all the great film directors throughout movie history such as Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Spielberg. Are these directors in it for the money? Or because they loved thrilling audiences?

What about the best authors like J.K. Rowling? Are they in it simply to sell books? Or to inform (non-fiction) and entertain (fiction) their readers?

As online marketers, regardless of our niche, maybe we need to focus first on the customer and second on profits.

Think of the last time you were at the car dealership. Initially everything was sunshine and roses as you chatted with your new best friend the car salesperson. They showed you some cars, you joked about this and that, you had a fun time and then BLAM!

You’re in the back room talking about numbers and you suddenly realize this person isn’t your friend; they’re your adversary. Your goal is to pay as little as possible and get the car and add-ons you want.

Their goal is to shift a car that’s been on the lot too long, to add a ton of accessories you don’t want and to charge you as much as possible.

What do you do?

Hopefully what any sensible person would do – you walk out the door before you end up signing something you’re going to regret.

When it comes to marketing, be a Steven Spielberg.

Stick to your principles and create a body of work that speaks for you and thrills your customers.

If a product or service isn’t right for someone, don’t sell it to them. If they are brand new to the business, ask them to read your free stuff before they spend big money on your best courses.

In other words, treat them like you want to be treated and they will stick around for years. They’ll trust you. And in the long run they will buy more from you than if you come across as a pushy car salesperson.

(Apologies to the nice car sales people out there. I know you’re out there somewhere, and I know that your colleagues are giving you a bad name you don’t deserve.)

Wishing you massive success,

James King

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