Okay I know this is going to send a burr up some people’s pants but please stay calm and we’ll get through this just fine.

In school it is drilled into hour heads that WE.MUST.NOT.COPY. Ever.

That’s why when people get out of school and want to start a business, they erroneously think they must reinvent everything from scratch.

But the truly successful people don’t reinvent so much as copy.

“Good artists borrow, great artists steal.”

Do you know who said that?


Years ago I received one of the greatest pieces of advice of my life:

“Figure out what you want to do. Find someone who is already doing it and do what they do.”

That’s it.

No matter what you want to do, if someone else has already done it, then you can simply find out what they did and do it, too.

If you want to build a car, are you really going to invent a new way for it to move because using wheels would be copying someone else? Of course not.

As long as you’re not stealing the actual specific design of the wheel itself, there is no reason not to use wheels, too.

In online marketing, as long as you don’t steal any content and trademarks, you’re fine.

And if you simply use what you need from different marketers, no one will ever know you’ve been modeling anyone else.

Every successful marketer out there has stood on the shoulders of those who came before her or him. And anyone who says they don’t borrow ideas isn’t being honest.

Greats like Dan Kennedy feely admit they modeled parts of their businesses on what has worked for other marketers.

If everyone had to learn everything from scratch without the help of others, nothing would get done.

Decide what you want to do.

Find someone who is already doing it.

And model what they do.

If that means taking their course, do it.

If that means being their customers and watching how their systems work, do it.

Put your own spin on it, use your own voice and make it yours. Don’t copy. Just model.

Success leaves clues, and your job is to follow them.


If you are not sure who to model or even where to start, my highest recommendation is THIS program.  Check it out.

Wishing you massive success,

James King


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