Do you want to be a Seniorpreneur?

By: James King Do you want to be a Seniorpreneur?   Anyone can become an entrepreneur. In fact, did you know that people aged 55-64 are twice as likely to start a business as millennials? It’s true. There’s no barrier based on age for starting a business. If you’re over 55 like me, you can […]

The IM Gurus’ Secret to Making Sales and Losing Customers

“Oh ya, everybody loves to pick on the gurus, right?” Maybe. But then again perhaps there’s a reason why. I’m not talking about the heavy hitters who are quietly going about their business of making a super comfy living online. Rather, I’m talking about those “Gurus” who launch a brand new product every 6 weeks […]

Can a Magic 8 Ball help your Affiliate Marketing business?

When you were a kid, did you have a Magic 8 Ball?  I had one, and I absolutely loved it.  For those that are not familiar, you would take this giant replica of an 8 ball from Pool.  You would ask the ball a question…any question you wanted, flip it over and there would be […]

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