Polly Want a Thunderstorm?

In the 1980’s the competition between small TV stations to have the best weather reporting was fierce. Who had the latest, most technologically advanced forecasting equipment and who got the weather right more often? While stations were spending big money to get the latest radar systems, one little station simply could not compete. They didn’t […]

Things that make you go…DOH!

Years ago a student spent months creating the perfect product. He researched 100 different sources to get all the best techniques for what he was teaching. He researched every competing product to see what was selling and how it was sold. He worked on that product until it was as perfect as anything can be. […]

Success Leaves Major Clues

I’ve been watching my fair share of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  Even though my favourite team did not make the playoffs…again, I always find it amazing to watch the sheer athleticism and skill of these guys. However, it’s also amazing how certain teams can do so well, year after year.  It got me thinking about […]

The IM Gurus’ Secret to Making Sales and Losing Customers

“Oh ya, everybody loves to pick on the gurus, right?” Maybe. But then again perhaps there’s a reason why. I’m not talking about the heavy hitters who are quietly going about their business of making a super comfy living online. Rather, I’m talking about those “Gurus” who launch a brand new product every 6 weeks […]

How To Legally Steal Your Business

Okay I know this is going to send a burr up some people’s pants but please stay calm and we’ll get through this just fine. In school it is drilled into hour heads that WE.MUST.NOT.COPY. Ever. That’s why when people get out of school and want to start a business, they erroneously think they must […]

Can a Magic 8 Ball help your Affiliate Marketing business?

When you were a kid, did you have a Magic 8 Ball?  I had one, and I absolutely loved it.  For those that are not familiar, you would take this giant replica of an 8 ball from Pool.  You would ask the ball a question…any question you wanted, flip it over and there would be […]

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